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Frequently Asked Questions

What curriculum will be taught at camp?

Our camp is built around a series of daily themes that allows your daughter to move and learn in a variety of ways.


Friendship Fun- What is a friend?  We will practice building friendships through positive connections

Growth Mindset/ Positive Thinking-We will discuss how we can set goals  and how to apply positive self-talk and thinking towards ourselves and others. 

I love my “unique” self- building self- esteem in ourselves and each other.  Learn to love ourselves and to love others for their unique selves.  It is okay to be different!

  Unleashing your inner rock

Kindness Counts- how can we demonstrate kindness to ourselves, friends/family, and our community?

​What amenities will be available at the camp? 

Bathrooms, indoor gym with sports equipment, outdoor playing field, air conditioning.

What policies will be enforced to address safety?

We will go over safety rules created by the camp on the first day! (Just like in school we will have rules and procedures)

The building will have labeled entrance/exit

We will have sign-in and sign-out daily by counselor

Only authorized individuals will be allowed to pick up your child

How can I protect my child who has an allergy?

If your child has a specific allergy, please list it on the camp registration sheet and we will contact you directly before camp to ensure your child’s safety

What health policies will be in place?

We will be following the state mandated protocols to protect from the spread of Covid-19.  The girls will also wash hands before and after eating.

What if my child suffers an injury that physically limits her participation, can she still attend camp?

Absolutely!!  If a child has physical limitations, please notify us and we will come up with alternative or parallel activities so she can have fun and remained engaged. 

My daughter is nervous about coming to camp because she won’t know anyone, how can I encourage her?

Remember this camp is about making friends!  We as teachers will encourage the girls to engage and make new friends.

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